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Apache ProxyPass to the rescue for firewalled ports

September 24, 2014 1 comment

When trying to make a web-utility I look after with its own TomCat server available to the public web from a server with only http and https ports accessible through our firewall I stumbled on Apache’s ability to proxy pages internally. This lets me give public access to a web server running on a port that is not open to the public by getting Apache to pass the content back through the publicly available port 443.

This is how it works:

ProxyPass /foo
ProxyPassReverse /foo

Will mean going to will show that URL but actually show content from

Or in my case:

ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /

Will mean going to actually shows content from the web server on the same server running on port 1443. Very handy!

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Building Bookmarklets

April 3, 2010 Leave a comment


I wrote a while ago about programming bookmarklets so that they would work as normal bookmarks or “smart” bookmarks depending on the context, such as searching Rotten Tomatoes for the selected text on a webpage, or just going to the site if no text is selected.

Since then I’ve gradually extended my collection of bookmarklets, and moved a few back to asking before loading a site (since my broadband is now capped I don’t load any page unless I have to!).  I’ve found the Bookmarklet Builder at to be really useful for building these, and I’ve shamelessly copied many from around the web.

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Flasher Safari

October 17, 2009 Leave a comment


If you use Safari as your internet browser, especially on older hardware (I have two PowerPC Macs), I would recommend checking out Click2Flash. It replaces all instances of Flash with a clickable button to load the flash, has a menu item for loading all flash on the current page and supports a whitelist to always show flash on certain pages. My poor old iBook will never get slowed down by Flash advertisements again!

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Stealth Bookmarklets

February 2, 2008 Leave a comment


I’ve been using bookmarklets for a while now (apart from a brief hiatus when an update to Safari broke them!) and they are very useful.  The kind of useful that you forget that not everyone has them and if you’re stranded without them you can’t believe how you managed before they came along!

Just recently I’ve started to move bookmarklets from my bookmarklets folder in my bookmarks into my bookmark bar, replacing the normal bookmarks.  For example in my bookmarks bar I have links for Google, Google Maps, Apple, Wikipedia and so on.

My new line up looks the same but is a little bit more useful, due to the new “stealth” bookmarklets.  These seem like normal bookmarks, but when you click on them when there is some text selected on the current page they use them as input for that service.

For example if I’m reading an article and want to look up something on Wikipedia, I highlight that term, and click on the link.  The browser loads the page as usual, except it brings up a page related to my term, automagically.

Here’s the ones I’ve put together.  If you want to use them drag them to your bookmark bar or favourites.  I’ve only tested them in Safari but I’m sure it’ll work in other browsers too.


Google Maps


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Search vs URL

January 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Something that happens to me quite a lot is when I’m trying to type into the search box in Safari I accidentally type into the Address field, and end up going to which of course drops out with an error.  But when you think about it URLs almost never go in the search field and search terms never go in the Address field.  Why are they not the same bar with some intelligent URL parsing technology to separate the two?

I know some browsers use a single letter keyword to indicate a search rather than a URL but surely when Google Calendar can figure out when to put an appointment just from the natural language then a browser can figure out what’s a URL and what’s not?  A keyword search is nice – but it could be so much more.

And the possibilities go on – how about some AI that intelligently figures out trends in image searches and redirects likely image searches from web search?  I suspect Google already does something like this in their search algorithm by placing likely hits at the top.

Note to Apple, Microsoft et al:  Feel free to steal this idea and use it without credit to me – as long as we get better browsers out of it!

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Bookmarklet it

November 18, 2007 Leave a comment


Over at Daring Fireball is a great way to make your bookmarklets without having to try and put it together in your browser’s tiny bookmark address field (provided you have TextWrangler or BBEdit).  This might be a good candidate for a Dashboard Widget to create them … or even better – a bookmarklet!

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Google Data & PHP4

November 6, 2007 Leave a comment


It doesn’t work.  I was looking at writing a module for Exponent to integrate Picasa Web Albums, but I can’t because the Google Data Client Library for PHP requires PHP5 and our lamo webhosters are still running PHP4.  That’s why if you look at the code for the webalbummodule you’ll see it’s not a real API integration, just a screen scrape of the Picasa Web Album interface.

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