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Eject Disks 0.3

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Script CreamConvince Finder to eject disks.

Download Eject Disks 0.3

Eject Disks version 0.3 is released! Get it from the link above.


  • Changed disk discovery from relying on Applescript to parsing using System Profiler and diskutil on the command line to reveal more stuck and unmounted disks.
  • Drag and drop and Finder selection eject is broken for disks, but works for network volumes at the moment, to be fixed in a future release.

More info on the Eject Disks product page.

Tested on:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Eject Disks in Snow Leopard

August 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Apple LogoQuit that application fool!

It seems that Apple are taking notice of utilities like Eject Disks and building notice of what is preventing a disk being ejected into Snow Leopard (see Eject icon More Reliable Disk Eject at the bottom of the Snow Leopard refinements page).

As a result I will probably not be updating Eject Disks with feature updates once Snow Leopard is released, although bug fixes will still be released of course.

Update: I will most probably be investigating tying Eject Disks in with the system eject function using kicker.xml and configd, so development may continue of Leopard to try and make it similar to Snow Leopard.

DHCP Server Lookup 0.2

January 3, 2009 3 comments

Script Cream

Find your DHCP server.

Download DHCP Server Lookup 0.2

DHCP Server Lookup version 0.2 is released! Get it from the links above.


  • Completely rewritten to use system_profiler.
  • More Info… button launches GUI System Profiler and focusses on the network section.

More info on DHCP Server Lookup.

Tested on:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

MacBook Air Target Disk Mode

January 22, 2008 2 comments


Target Disk mode is such a useful thing to have on a Mac.  In fact it’s the number one I think when dealing with problematic PCs … “If only I could put this thing into Target Disk Mode”.  The MacBook Air is a worrying development because of the lack of firewire it would seem TDM is not an option.  Of course this could be easily solved by Apple creating a USB TDM.  Rob Griffiths from MacWorld reports that an Apple rep told him there would be no such thing on the MacBook Air.  Has anyone had a go with rebooting the MacBook Air and holding down the “T” key to see if it still has the firmware capability of booting in TDM?  Or at least whether it has the option in Startup Disk in the System Preferences. Surely USB TDM is not that different?  As I understand it TDM goes back to SCSI anyway and was ported to Firewire – if Apple is insistent on replacing Firewire with USB surely it is only a matter of time?

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MacBook Air: Ugly (keyboard)

January 17, 2008 1 comment

Apple Logo
No-one could deny that the MacBook Air is a thing of beauty.  And that having a full size keyboard with backlighting is great.

But why oh why is it that butt-ugly black?  Why not MacBook Pro grey like the rest of it?

MacBook Air

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iPod Touch upgrade charge forced by iPhone agreement?

January 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Apple LogoRegarding the $20 charge for the iPod Touch software upgrade that gives it the same apps as the iPhone: Am I the only one that thought Steve looked a little uncomfortable when he said the price, like it was something they’d had to put in but he wasn’t happy about it? Here’s my take – the real reason they’re charging for the upgrade is because it violates some terms of the agreement with AT&T for the iPhone. That’s why the iPod Touch didn’t get those features in the first place. AT&T put their foot down and told Apple that if they’re going to bring out an almost iPhone clone iPod that AT&T get no sniff of the profits from that it would have to be a “downgrade” from the iPhone to encourage consumers to get the iPhone instead. Obviously they didn’t consider the lack of the cellphone a big enough draw card to stop people forgetting about the iPhone and getting an iPod Touch instead. AT&T saw their profits from the iPhone being pilfered by Apple via the iPod Touch and made it clear they weren’t going to stand for it. But obviously Apple feels strongly enough about it to do it – so maybe the $20 goes straight into AT&T coffers to compensate them for their loss?

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