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Sneaky BBC

January 10, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

ThoughtsI’ve been enjoying watching catchup TV on the BBC online iPlayer, shows like Top Gear, Never mind the Buzzcocks and Lead Balloon.  Since I have a Mac of course I can’t download shows like my WinXP friends can.  But I have a secret weapon – Parallels!  So after installing the downloadable iPlayer manager in WinXP running in Parallels I was all set to download my favourite shows.  But no.  Sneaky, sneaky BBC sets the default downloaded store to 0 Mb.  And when you try to change it, it pings back to 0Mb before you can save the settings!  Very sneaky BBC!  Give us a way to download shows so you seem like you’re giving us some download loving, then cripple it to make sure no-one actually does!

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