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AppleTV of the future

Recently everytime I read anything on the web about the AppleTV it’s always about how it doesn’t have a TV tuner to give it DVR functionality or that Apple is sure to add it in the next iteration.They won’t.I can’t see any reason for Apple to cripple their burgeoning movie/tv downloads business through the iTunes Store by enabling AppleTV users to record the same content from free TV.  The only way I can see that being an attractive option for Apple is if they can update the iTunes Store content to be a companion to a DVR by providing a link to a High Definition version of the show that can be purchased after watching/recording the standard definition over the TV channels.  And that, I’ll admit, is a weak option too, especially with the potential for HD over TV anyway. No, Apple will never add a TV Tuner to the AppleTV, not before, and certainly not now with the decline of TV and the rise of internet downloads. 

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