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Exponent Web Album Module

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Update: Since my web hosting provider deleted my site this is probably gone forever.  It may be in my sprawling archives somewhere, and if I ever find it I’ll make it available for download again.  Leave a comment it you’d like me to step up the search!

Whilst developing our family website using the Exponent CMS I’ve had to implement a couple of my own modules to do specific things. This one is a module that displays a web album from a public provider like Google’s Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Kodak Photos or whatever.

It’s pretty basic at the moment; only Picasa is implemented; no authentication so only public galleries can be displayed; can only display one gallery at a time; no control over the look and feel and so on. Some of these features may get added as I get time or requests to do so.

Anyway … download it from the link above for use with your Exponent installation!

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